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by CrumbledWings

He envelops himself
in covers and darkness
lest he see the nightmares
he fears
lest he see the nightmares
he hears.
He tells me
in pained whisper
of the hate
discarded angels sing
from his walls
how god damns
the souls of those
so irreparably broken as him.
I try  fashion my love
into a weapon that could
smite even those which god
could only nail to his walls
but my weapon is wasted
For these enemies are ones
I’ll never see.
He tells me
in weakened screams
of the love
wretched demons
whisper from darkened corners
with false faces and intentions
how only they can protect him
how he must die
so he can be free of this burden
And though I

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"I know Hampshire students are going to change the world - and the world needs changing."
-President JLash, opening day speech (via hampshireadmissions)